English expressions

English expressions

There are many different types of expressions in English, and it can be hard to learn them because you can’t just translate them from your own language. Sometimes a common phrase in English might sound very strange if you just translated it word for word. This is what we call ‘idiomatic language’ and it’s very common in the English language.

So, why is it important to learn idiomatic language in English? Firstly, if you learn these types of expressions, you will understand English speakers much better. A lot of what we say is through idiom and symbolism. You can just take everything someone says literally!

Secondly, if you learn to understand and use English expressions, you will sound much more natural in English. People will realise that your English is much better than just the basic level.

But finally, idiomatic expressions are fun to use! Some of the imagery and ideas are very funny. Next time it’s raining, you can say “It’s raining cats and dogs!” That’s a really funny image, right? It’s also a much more interesting way to say that it’s raining heavily, which just sounds like a statement of fact.

So watch this series of video lessons to really develop and improve your understanding of English expressions. Then next time you get the chance, try to use some of these expressions to show everyone how good your English is!

English expressions
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    An idiom in English is a short phrase or expression that is commonly used to explain a situation. The meaning is not literal, so you can’t understand the meaning of idioms just by translating the words. You have to understand the context and the culture of the expression.

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