English pronunciation

English pronunciation

English pronunciation can be difficult when you're learning the language, because we make sounds that are not so common in other languages and this might be difficult for you to produce.

Also, there are many different ways of speaking English all over the world, which might be confusing as well. There is no one correct way of speaking English, just different varieties, which is what makes learning a language so interesting.

However, in these video lessons we're going to learn about the sounds we make in English. We're going to practise vowels, consonants and diphthongs. This will help you to focus on individual sounds to make your English clearer. We will also practise some common tongue twisters so you can challenge yourself to pronounce these more difficult sounds.

English pronunciation
  • Consonants | Pronunciation

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    How do we pronounce consonants in English?

  • Diphthongs | Pronunciation

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    How do we pronounce diphthongs in English?

  • Vowels | Pronunciation

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    How do we pronounce vowels in English?

  • Tongue twisters | Pronunciation

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    Basically, a tongue twister is a short sentence that repeats the same sound several times, which can be challenging for anyone to say. We learn them when we're young because they're often funny to say, but they're also really helpful when we're learning a language.

    For example, if you find the s...