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I FIND IT easy to…

Common errors in English • 4m 7s

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  • I SUGGEST THAT you...

    We’re going to look at a very common verb that is often confusing for students to use in a sentence. We’ll look at some examples to learn how to use it and we’ll also see how not to use it. The verb in today’s lesson is SUGGEST and how we use it when we want to SUGGEST an action.

    The reason why ...

  • I’m THINKING OF doING it

    We’re going to talk about your plans using the verb THINK. How do you describe the things you might do in the future?

    Well, a very simple way to talk about your future is to say: I’M THINKING OF, I’M THINKING OF. So, use the verb THINK in the continuous form, which is BE plus the verb with ING f...


    We’re going to focus on the verb WISH to talk about things we would like to be different but we cannot change. Why can we not change them? Well, either we don’t have the power to change them or they happened in the past, so it’s too late to change them!

    Let’s start with a simple example: I WISH ...